Tero Mustonen of Snowchange Cooperative Awarded 2023 Goldman Prize

The Christensen Fund would like to congratulate the 2023 Goldman Prize recipients. Each year, the Goldman Prize recognizes the work of extraordinary grassroots leaders and their incredible work in safeguarding the environment. We are especially pleased that the amazing work of Tero Mustonen, President of our partner Snowchange Cooperative, was highlighted for his important work to restore landscapes across Finland. 

Snowchange Cooperative is an Indigenous-led pan-arctic organization based in Finland. Since their founding in 2000, Snowchange Cooperative has supported many organizations throughout the Arctic, advanced global policy, created a small grants program that has been transformative for communities who are traditionally overlooked by most grant-making mechanisms, and used traditional knowledge to restore thousands of hectares of peatlands. 

Unrestricted support from The Christensen Fund will further help to advance operations and programs of Snowchange and will arrive at a critical time due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which could compromise the ability to support certain communities in the Arctic. The Christensen Fund is honored to have supported the work of Snowchange Cooperative since 2018.

Please join us in congratulating Tero and all of the 2023 Goldman Prize recipients! Read more about this award and how you can support Snowchange Cooperative here.