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Indigenous Food Innovators from Around the World to Gather in Meghalaya, India, for Indigenous Terra Madre Conference

On November 3rd delegates from 52 countries representing 80 Indigenous tribes will gather in... Read more »

The Christensen Fund Announces Next Executive Director

The Christensen Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte... Read more »

On biocultural diversity

Pots, Bananas, and Gourds: Food and Farming in PNG’s Markham Valley

The clay pot (or gur) has long been a central feature of the cultures... Read more »

Featured Story

Roaming the Rift: Development and Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

Roaming the Rift: Development and Pastoralists in Northern Kenya The road leading to the settlement of Loiyangalani from South Horr is rough, hacked through a merciless landscape of crumbling volcanic rock, baking in the equatorial sun. There is scarcely a plant in sight as our pick-up truck jostles and squeaks over a rise and the enormous Lake Turkana comes into view, a turquoise...