Purpose Aligned Capital

The Christensen Fund partners with Indigenous Peoples to advance their inherent rights, dignity, and self determination. Since adopting this as our purpose in 2021, we have granted millions of dollars to partners around the world, connected them to additional financial and non-financial resources, and had a significant impact on the philanthropic space. But we can and want to do more.

Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses can be an important tool to help Indigenous Peoples achieve self determination, which is why The Christensen Fund has decided to activate our full endowment portfolio to include investing in Indigenous-led and Indigenous-serving enterprises. We envision our impact in two ways:

  • Direct: Investments can open doors to capital and opportunities that can transform Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs.
  • Indirect: We hope to inspire other foundations and investors to make investments that both generate a financial return and support Indigenous communities.

The goal will be to provide catalytic capital for projects that can have a transformative impact for Indigenous communities, while still generating necessary returns for grantmaking and operational expenses. As this is a new program, we will share more developments and news as they emerge.