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Community Conservation: From Casamance to the Colorado Plateau

From Casamance to Canada to the Colorado Plateau, empowering local communities to protect their own backyards.

By Kyra Busch with Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend and Tony Skrelunas
(This article was originally published in the Colorado Plateau Advocate Magazine.) 
Ten years ago, fishermen in the Casamance region of Senegal decided it was time to take action. Fish stocks were dropping at […]

Roaming the Rift: Development and Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

The road leading to the settlement of Loiyangalani from South Horr is rough, hacked through a merciless landscape of crumbling volcanic rock, baking in the equatorial sun. There is scarcely a plant in sight as our pick-up truck jostles and squeaks over a rise and the enormous Lake Turkana comes into view, a turquoise gem […]

California: Partnering with Native Americans for Innovative Stewardship Strategies

Clint McKay does not point at sacred things. In the rolling hills of Sonoma County, speckled with patches of trees above sprawling vineyards, he gestures with his chin toward a green mountain that rises above all else. His people call it Kanamota, he explains; the ‘Human Mountain‘. It’s one of the Wappo People’s holiest places, […]

Healthy Landscapes and Healthy People: Lessons from the Rarámuri

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August is the time of rains in the Sierra Tarahumara, and near the village of Norogachi, the blue sky and cotton ball clouds quickly change above our heads into a roiling ceiling of grey. José Pedro Turuséachi, an Indigenous Rarámuri farmer and community organizer, gives us a […]