Our Purpose:

Christensen works to support Indigenous peoples in advancing their inherent rights, dignity, and self determination.

Our Values:

  • Respecting self determination by supporting the rights of Indigenous Peoples to actualize self determination, recognizing them as leaders and key agents of change.
  • Standing in solidarity by engaging Indigenous Peoples as equal partners and supporting their self determined needs, priorities and visions for the future, and by supporting the power of strategic alliances, inter-cultural collaborations and thriving networks between Indigenous Peoples, nation states, other social movements and allied individuals and groups to protect Indigenous rights.
  • Recognizing resilience by supporting the inherent capacity of Indigenous Peoples to innovate, transform and lead.
  • Demonstrating accountability by committing to our values, Grantee Partners, and stated objectives, holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and ensuring competence, reliability and transparency, in all our actions and practices, as well as assuming the responsibility of being a philanthropic influencer and our own role and responsibilities in achieving liberation for Indigenous Peoples.
  • Building trust by investing in processes that engender respectful, authentic and long-lasting relationships, and by placing our confidence and relationships with Indigenous Peoples as knowledge and culture bearers and architects of their own vision for the future.
  • Practicing reciprocity by building relationships based on mutual respect, equitable exchange, the celebration of diversity, acknowledgement of differentiated roles and the sharing of strengths and privilege.
  • Celebrating diversity by supporting the vibrancy and variety of Indigenous lifeways and values in the context of  a world faced with great change and uncertainty.

About the Foundation

The Christensen Fund is a private foundation founded in 1957. We are a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization governed by an independent Board of Trustees.