The Christensen Fund Announces Move to Rights-based Thematic Approach to Grantmaking

2019 ushered in a transition to a new grantmaking approach for The Christensen Fund, and we are pleased to share that our Board of Trustees has approved an updated mission:

Backing the global Indigenous Peoples movement in its efforts to advance the rights and opportunities of stewards of biocultural diversity

After more than a year of deep reflection and regional consultations with our partners to identify key priorities for biocultural diversity over the next decade, Christensen will transition from our current region-based strategies to a thematic approach. The new strategy, which we are in the process of finalizing, will be informed by our partner consultations, rooted in a rights-based framework and guided by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Convention on Biological Diversity. Taking a thematic and rights-based approach to philanthropy will enable Christensen to reimagine our grantmaking strategies and build on the strengths and experiences of our partners — and ourselves — while working to become a strategic and effective philanthropic ally to the Indigenous Peoples’ Movement. This grantmaking transition will happen over the course of 2019, and our goal is to resume grantmaking under the new program strategy in 2020.

As a result of this shift we will be closing the existing regional programs and will no longer be making new grants under this programmatic strategy.

Existing grants and grants already under review will not be impacted. As it becomes available, further information on this transition will be available on our website. Words cannot convey the deep admiration, gratitude and respect that we feel toward the committed partners and allies that have joined us on this journey so far. Your efforts in protecting, strengthening and sustaining biocultural diversity have inspired us and will continue to guide our work as we move, together, into the future.

In Solidarity,

The Christensen Fund