The Christensen Fund works to support Indigenous peoples in advancing their inherent rights, dignity, and self determination.

The Christensen Fund’s grantmaking strategy centers our work on supporting and strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ efforts to secure and exercise their rights to their land, territories, resources, and sovereign systems of governance. We have rooted our work in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the global standard that both asserts and recognizes Indigenous worldviews and values and establishes a universal framework for the recognition of their rights. The Indigenous Peoples’ Movement has used UNDRIP a key organizing mechanism to express their priorities, worldviews and collective identities. Rooting our strategy in UNDRIP is our contribution to the essential global work of growing both the recognition and use of Indigenous Peoples’ rights. And, most importantly, to improving the daily lives of Indigenous Peoples and the land and seascapes they steward.

Since 2021, The Christensen Fund is proud to have supported the following organizations: