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Pots, Bananas, and Gourds: Food and Farming in PNG’s Markham Valley

The clay pot (or gur) has long been a central feature of the cultures of Papua New Guinea’s Markham Valley, such as that of the Adzera people. These pots are superior for cooking bananas, a staple of traditional diets in this area and a central element of life in the seasonal savannah environment of the […]

El Fondo Christensen Anuncia Quién Será su Próximo Director Ejecutivo

El Fondo Christensen se complace en anunciar el nombramiento del Dr. Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte como su próximo Director Ejecutivo, quien tomará las riendas de esta fundación privada en sus oficinas de San Francisco hacia fines de año.
“Hemos encontrado un nuevo Director Ejecutivo estelar que está apasionado con nuestra misión y es un líder de pensamiento […]

Roaming the Rift: Development and Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

The road leading to the settlement of Loiyangalani from South Horr is rough, hacked through a merciless landscape of crumbling volcanic rock, baking in the equatorial sun. There is scarcely a plant in sight as our pick-up truck jostles and squeaks over a rise and the enormous Lake Turkana comes into view, a turquoise gem […]

California: Partnering with Native Americans for Innovative Stewardship Strategies

Clint McKay does not point at sacred things. In the rolling hills of Sonoma County, speckled with patches of trees above sprawling vineyards, he gestures with his chin toward a green mountain that rises above all else. His people call it Kanamota, he explains; the ‘Human Mountain‘. It’s one of the Wappo People’s holiest places, […]

Ethiopia: The Most Bird-Friendly Coffee in the World

In the birthplace of coffee, unique new research shows how shade-grown coffee benefits species other than tired humans.
A recent study by PhD student Evan Buechley and his professor and long-term Christensen grantee Çağan Şekercioğlu (University of Utah) shows how ecological and cultural history can determine how agriculture impacts biodiversity and ecosystem function in the forest-farm […]