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Nature Based Solutions for Mental Health

IUCN World Conservation Congress  –   The paradox that many of us working on environmental issues know too well is that for all our talk about Nature, we spend very little time in it. Most of our time is spent behind blue screens rather than under blue skies or on blue seas.
At an experiential level I […]

Declaration of the Farmers Forum for Organic and Ecological Agriculture

On October 7th, 2015, small-scale farmers and representatives of farmers’ organizations from around Africa gathered in Lagos, Nigeria, for the 3rd African Organic Agriculture Conference, where they committed to paper a “Declaration of the Farmers Forum for Organic and Ecological Agriculture.” The participants–who included peasants, local communities, family farmers, pastoralists, fish and livestock breeders, and […]

Biocultural Community Protocols

The legal landscape of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is coalescing around the protection of their traditional knowledge and genetic resources. In contexts such as access and benefit sharing (ABS) and Ethical BioTrade, there are effective new tools such as community protocols that can help begin the process of relationship-building between researchers, […]

Community Conservation: From Casamance to the Colorado Plateau

From Casamance to Canada to the Colorado Plateau, empowering local communities to protect their own backyards.

By Kyra Busch with Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend and Tony Skrelunas
(This article was originally published in the Colorado Plateau Advocate Magazine.) 
Ten years ago, fishermen in the Casamance region of Senegal decided it was time to take action. Fish stocks were dropping at […]