Grantee Portal Overview

By logging in with your provided credentials at you will have access to the Christensen Grantee Portal. This portal allows potential grantees to submit new applications for grants, track the progress of existing grants, submit reports and communicate with Christensen staff during the entire grantmaking process.



Navigation through the Grantee Portal is done using the left sidebar, which is divided into distinct sections representing the stages of the grant process.

To begin a new grant application, or Pre-Proposal, click the APPLY button at the bottom of the side bar.

In addition to the sidebar navigation sections, you will receive a number of prompts and alerts that indicate updates to your records or communication requests from Christensen staff.



When an update has been made to an application or grant, you will receive an alert, indicated by a NUMBER icon in red next to the appropriate section in the sidebar.

The number in the alert icon indicates the number of changes to that particular record since the last time that record was viewed, or since the most previous grantee login.

Clicking on the adjacent section title will clear the alert, and display the updated record(s).

Applications or reports that have unread updates will be highlighted in orange as seen next to the Grants.






grantee-portal3During various stages of the grant application process, you may have questions about a specific portion of the application, or a Christensen associate may seek more information regarding a particular section of the proposal. This communication is achieved through Sticky Notes.

The application to the left has a sticky note next to the “Organizational Structure” section, as indicated by the NOTE PAD icon.

Clicking this icon will open the note and allow a grantee or Christensen associate to read it and reply. A note can be left next to any element simply by clicking to the left of that section to create a new note.

Below is an example of a new Sticky Note and the text typed in the note’s message box will be visible to Christensen associates, who can then reply. To save the note click CREATE POST.