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Music by George Telek

George Telek comes from the village of Raluana, near Rabaul in the Papua New Guinean island province of East New Britain. “The traditional songs are about our daily life, songs that the people sing when they pick the bananas or collect the coconuts or go fishing,” he says. Telek’s songs and his haunting voice, traverse many musical styles perfectly capturing the spirit of the proud cultural heritage of the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea. Songs on this album such as  “midal” (magic charms) and “malira” (love magic) draw on Tolai culture blending contemporary grooves with Melanesian rhythms, enriched with textured environmental sounds. Telek’s album, Akave, is part of the Wantok Musik catalog. This song, ‘West Papua’, is about the West Papuan struggle for independence.