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The Birds of Turkey

The Northeast region of Turkey is one of the world’s most important bird flyways, as millions of birds from hundreds of species make their way between Eastern Europe and Africa. For several years, Kuzey Doga, a Turkish conservation organization, has been monitoring and banding birds to document the importance of the wetlands across Turkey, and working with local people  in order to protect habitat. These birds, some local and some migratory, represent a small sampling of the region’s many winged visitors. Shown here are:

  1. Common Sandpiper
  2. Great Snipe
  3. Eurasion Oriole
  4. Kingfisher
  5. Moustached Warbler
  6. Ortolan Bunting
  7. Purple Heron
  8. Penduline Tit
  9. Rosy Starling
  10. Robin
  11. Sparrow Hawk
  12. Scoops Owl
  13. Water Rail