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Small Holder Farmers and Agrobiodiversity

For 15 years Bioversity International has been working in Bolivia, Peru, India, Nepal, Yemen and the Mediterranean Basin to empower the rural poor by strengthening their identity, income opportunities and nutritional security through the improved use and marketing of Neglected and Underutilized Species. ‘Neglected no more’ is a Bioversity project designed to bring neglected crops such as millets back into the daily lives of the rural poor, helping these farmers return to their traditional crops by working with them to determine which varieties work best and introducing them to better production methods. These photos show small holder farmers from around the world, including:

  • An Ethiopian cattle farmer
  • A Bolivian Quinoa farmer
  • Harvesting orange lentils in Ethiopia
  • An Uzbek pomegranate farmer
  • Lal Kumari, an Indian medicinal plants expert
  • An Indian millet farmer
  • A rice farmer and his son in Nepal

Credit: Bioversity International\ S. Padulosi