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Protecting medicinal plants through microenterprise

La Consultoría Técnica Comunitaria A.C – CONTEC  –  works with the Raramuri communities in the Sierra Tarahumara to promote the rural economy and defend Indigenous territory, and to solve problems of soil erosion, loss of diversity, food shortages, and community conflicts.

These photos, taken by members of CONTEC, show community members working with native plant varieties to make soap for a project called Cuidadores de Plantas los Biwigame de la Baja Tarahumara (Caregivers of the plants of Biwigame de la Baja Tarahumara). CONTEC worked with all of the indigenous partners in the enterprise to develop production and marketing for their handcrafted soaps, and helped to develop a system of accounting and administration to enable the partners to manage their business.