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Island Resilience

Rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change have affected the Carteret/Tulun Islands for over 30 years. Originally there were six islands, but during the past 20 years one island has been split in half by the sea and there are now seven small islands. Despite the construction of sea walls and other efforts Tulun Islanders say that 50% of their land has been lost. One of the first ‘climate change refugee’ relocation efforts in the region, Tulele Peisa works to prepare and work with host communities in Tinputz to ensure adequate land, infrastructure, and livelihoods opportunities for the relocation of the Tulun Islands people; maintain links between the relocated Tulun Islanders and their home atoll, sea resources, and remaining clan members; and facilitate and support food security and sustainable livelihoods outcomes for the relocated people through training on land and resource management and gardening techniques.