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Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopia

Coffee Arabica, famous around the world, was first domesticated in Ethiopia. The Kafa Biosphere Reserve in Southwest Ethiopia is thought to be one of the centers of origin and genetic diversity of wild coffee Arabica, and is comprised of the ancestral lands of multiple culturally and linguistically distinct peoples. From this rich region comes a unique coffee culture that is deeply engrained throughout Ethiopia. Hosts in Ethiopia take great pride in serving each guest the finest freshly-roasted coffee available.

As the beans roast, guests often draw the aromatic smoke toward themselves and breath deeply as a polite gesture. The host then grounds the roasted beans with a mortar and pestle, and then brews the coffee in a traditional ceramic coffee pot or a natural bamboo cup. Tradition allows for three rounds of coffee to be brewed with the same grounds.  The coffee ceremony signifies solidarity in the community and is an important social ritual.