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Biocultural Tourism in Turkey

Biocultural tourism is a way of experiencing and learning from local and Indigenous cultures in a way that respects their knowledge, resources and cultural heritage. It is a two-way experience that enriches and educates the tourist while empowering local communities to make livelihoods based on their traditional knowledge and biocultural resources.

Around Kars, in Northeast Turkey, biocultural tourism is flourishing, thanks to innovative organizations such as the KuzeyDoga Society, which offers world-class birdwatching, hiking and village tours, and Balyolu, which offers delicious organic honey-tasting and village-stay adventures.

These photos show the ruins of the Armenian Silk Road city of Ani; fresh bread from an earthen oven in the village of Yolboyu; fresh watermelon at a beekeepers’ camp; hiking Cilder Lake; fattening winter goose (a Kars delicacy); jumping rope at a migratory beekeepers’ camp; horses near a village of the Molakan (Milk Drinkers); and Seringul watching the cattle come home from pasture.