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The Industrial Food Chain/The Peasant Food Web

With Climate Chaos…Who Will Feed Us? The Industrial Food Chain/The Peasant

In this poster, we use “peasant” to describe all those who produce food mostly for themselves and their communities whether they are rural,
urban, or peri-urban farmers, ocean or freshwater fishers, pastoralists, or hunters and gatherers.  Many peasants fit all of these categories. Small farmers often have fishponds and livestock. They often hunt and gather–especially in the sometimes difficult weeks before harvest. Many peasants move back and forth between city and countryside.  When we say “Web” we are talking about the complex of supportive interconnections shared by peasants and communities. Conversely, the “Chain,” although complex, locks in each link and rarely takes into account the “hidden harvest”
gathered seasonally from forests, roadsides and savannas. The bounty from urban farming (crops, fish and livestock) is seldom considered.