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Papers presented at the Vth World Parks Congress, Durban , 2003

Contains a two-CD compilation of over 140 papers related to the theme of communities, equity and protected areas.  The papers highlight the value of local, indigenous communities can bring to the process of conserving biodiversity & of the need for a range of conservation types from strict protection to multiple sustainable use.

Disc 1

  • Linkages in the landscape & seascape
  • Building broader support for PAs
  • Developing capacity to manage PAs
  • Maintaining PAs for now & the future
  • Building a secure financial future
  • Building comprehensive PA systems
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Human wildlife conflict
  • Integrated conservation & development programs
  • About TILCEPA

Disc 2

  • Governance


  • Location D1
  • Language English
  • Media Format CD
  • Program Theme Promoting knowledge systems & biocultural education
  • Cross Cutting Elements Leadership development
  • Communication Issue Areas Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change, Indigenous Rights & Representation
  • Tags
    • conference
    • Indigenous People
    • landscape
    • seascapes
    • sustainability
    • tourism