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The Future of the Open Rangelands

In 2002, American ranchers from the arid southwest & Kenyan Maasai pastoralists come together to discuss the threats to their land, livelihoods & wildlife.  Through a series of exchanges, pastoralists, ranchers & conservationalists from both continents explored ways to preserve the open range based on new collaborative ventures.

DVD also include a CD-ROM of two pdf reports.

  • Program African Rift Valley
  • Grantee African Conservation Cetre
  • Media Format DVD
  • Program Theme Promoting knowledge systems & biocultural education
  • Communication Issue Areas Agrobiodiversity & Food Sovereignty
  • Tags
    • agrobiodiversity
    • agroecology
    • agroforestry
    • crops
    • food sovereignty
    • livestock
    • seeds
    • water