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Economic Importance of Goods and Services Derived from Dryland Ecosystems in the IGAD Region

Intergovernmental Authority on Developmental (IGAD) Report


This view overlooks the economic benefits derived from the drylands. These ecosystems provide food, water, shelter, cultural references, and many other goods and services that enable most residents during most years to survive, maintain a way of life they cherish, and pursue improvement in their standard of living. Goods and services derived from the drylands also contribute to the food supplies, foreign-exchange earnings, job opportunities, and gross domestic products (GDP) of IGAD countries. The overall value of these goods and services remains unknown, but the limited, relevant research provides distinct, but useful insights.

  • Program African Rift Valley
  • Grantee International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Language English
  • Media Format Other
  • Program Theme Ensuring socio-ecological resilience, Promoting knowledge systems & biocultural education, Sustaining foodways & livelihoods
  • Communication Issue Areas Agrobiodiversity & Food Sovereignty, Gender & Biocultural Diversity, Resilient Landscapes