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Bioneers Conference 2008

A DVD set from the 19th Annual Conference.  Papers include:

  • Solutions from the Underground: Using Fungi to Help Save the World
  • Si, Se Puede! (Yes, We Can!)
  • Sustainability in Action
  • Shakti, Shanti, Sangam: Power, Peace and the Politics of Change
  • Saving our Water Planet
  • Nature’s 100 Best: Top Biomimicry Solutions to Environmental Cases
  • Sustainable Solutions Over Centuries: A New Business Model
  • Some Like It Hot, But Lots Don’t: The Changing Climate of us Politics
  • Twelve Degrees of Freedom: Lessons learned from 35 years of environmental activism
  • The Environmental Life of Children-From Placenta to Puberty
  • Fighting for Justice for Farmworkers
  • The “Development” Imperative for Asians
  • The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
  • Google Earth: Visualizing Change, Mapping the Future
  • Collaborating on a Grand Scale: Think Systematically and Act Collaboratively
  • Opening Remarks
  • Program Global Program
  • Grantee Collective Heritage Institute
  • Location A1
  • Language English
  • Media Format DVD
  • Program Theme Promoting knowledge systems & biocultural education
  • Cross Cutting Elements Leadership development
  • Tags
    • conference
    • sustainability