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Bioneers 2011 conference

Highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people & planet.  Papers include:

  • Restoration Writ Large: Unleashing the Potential of Nature and People for Large Ecosystem Restoration
  • Revolutionizing K-12 Education with Sustainability in Mind
  • Blue and Green: Working Together to Secure a Sustainable Future
  • Solutions from the Underground: How Mushrooms can help save the World
  • The Rights of Nature: An Idea whose time has come
  • The Emerging Imagination Age
  • The Real Food Challenge
  • Reinventing Fire
  • Revitalizing Indigeneity: Eco-cultural knowledge & reciprocity
  • Life’s Operating Manual
  • Voices from Peace and Sustainable Development – The First Women’s Parliament in India
  • The Power of Story
  • Continuing a Legacy: Building a Sustainable World in the 21st Century
  • Program Global Program
  • Grantee Collective Heritage Institute
  • Location A2
  • Language English
  • Media Format DVD
  • Program Theme Promoting knowledge systems & biocultural education
  • Cross Cutting Elements Leadership development
  • Tags
    • conference
    • education
    • rights
    • sustainability