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Tajikistan: Zan va Zamin Wins UNDP Equator Prize

UNDP’s Equator Initiative has announced the 25 winners of the 2012 Equator Prize, dedicated to recognizing innovative local community development organizations from around the world. Among the winners is Zan va Zamin (Women and Earth), a Christensen Fund partner linking traditional knowledge, landscapes and livelihoods around the restoration of endangered local varieties of fruits and crops […]

Young Native Americans Innovate to Revive Food Traditions

In mid-winter, the Hopi landscape appears as a beautiful yet barren expanse of gold-brown bluffs and snow-topped mesas. It’s difficult to imagine fields of the resilient desert crops that have sustained the people here for centuries. Yet, in this isolated corner of present day Arizona, the fourth world – as the Hopi refer to their […]

Northern Australia: Indigenous Fire Management Sparks Culture-Based Economy

Over tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal peoples developed burn-control strategies to ensure the health and bounty of their landscapes. By setting small fires early in the dry season, the tinderbox effect – a thick accumulation of parched brush and grasses – was reduced. Through much of the twentieth century, many Aboriginal communities were forced […]

New Study Examines Traditional Fish-Management Practices in Island Communities

Dwindling fish stocks in seas and waterways around the world – caused by excessive fishing and other factors – have put a spotlight on “fisheries management” policies designed to maintain adequate levels of aquatic vertebrate. A new study published in Marine Policy, a journal focused on ocean policy studies, details how distinct island communities have […]

Growing Native Foods with Rainwater Reinvents Life in the Desert

For members of southern Arizona’s Tohono O’odham tribe, the native desert foods of their ancestors offer a pathway to the future. Not only does the community’s health depend on reviving the tribe’s ancient foodways, but cultivating the crops adapted to the climate of the Sonoran Desert—and using the desert’s scarce water wisely to grow them—promises […]