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Looking at the World Through Felt Eye-Glasses

This is an interview with Aidai Asangulova, one of the most well-known young felt-maker artisans in Kyrgyzstan, and a leader of Min Kyial (an artisan organization). The interview was translated from Kyrgyz into English by Aibek Samakov. 

How did you learn the art of traditional felt-making?
I grew up in my grandparents’ house in Kyzyl-Tuu village of […]

A Better Way to Feed the World

Global food issues are grabbing our attention and for good reason: the industrial system of the last sixty years is fraying at the edges, causing a cascade of environmental and social problems. Worldwide, a billion people go hungry. A similar number over-eat the wrong foods. And yet one-third of food produced for human consumption is […]

A Better Kind of Wealth: Vanuatu and the Meaning of Well-being

Kenson and Cymbol are successful parents and homeowners in the island nation of Vanuatu. They garden, spend time with their kids and eat well. To pay for their children’s school fees, Cymbol weaves valuable straw mats that serve as local currency. The family lives off the bounty of their ancestral lands and has very little […]

Digital Technology for Indigenous Empowerment

Olisarali Olibui carries a Kalashnikov rifle in one hand and a camera in the other. A member of one of Ethiopia’s most isolated tribes – the Mursi – Olibui knows his culture’s way of life is in danger from the encroachment of outside forces.
“My people live in a very remote area,” he says in a […]

Papua New Guinea: A Taste of Biocultural Revival

In the Markham Valley of Papua New Guinea, traditional village life revolves around food. Families rise early to tend their gardens, harvesting bananas, taro and sweet potatoes. Adding to the bounty of the local landscape are fresh watermelon, peanuts, cucumbers and mangoes, supplemented with protein sources like the meat of the wild bandicoot. It’s the traditional diet of an […]