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Restoring the Roots: the Movement to Recover Central Asia’s Agrobiodiversity

In October 2013, a tall, thin man with tightly cropped gray beard stood in a gallery of the new National Museum of Tajikistan and held aloft a pear. The assembled audience, there for the opening of a new photography exhibit about the country’s biocultural diversity, was treated to an impromptu lesson in the importance of […]

From Belém to Bhutan: Realizing the Vision of the International Society of Ethnobiology

Twenty five years ago a group of Indigenous Peoples and researchers calling themselves ‘ethnobiologists’ got together in the capital of the Brazilian state of Pará to draw a line in the sand:
“Mechanisms [must] be established by which indigenous specialists are recognized as proper Authorities and are consulted in all programs affecting them, their resources and […]

Australia: Heading Back to Homelands

[Note to Aboriginal readers: this article may contain images of people who have become deceased]
Australia’s Aboriginal peoples comprise some of the oldest and most vibrant cultures in the world. They are rooted strongly to the lands that sustained their ancestors, despite often having been forced out of those places over time. For generations many Aboriginal […]

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: from Recognition to Rule of Law

In Arctic Village, Alaska, the Gwich’in people—otherwise known as the “Caribou People”—are watching their namesake struggle to survive. For generations, the people here have filled their diet with sustainably harvested wild foods, including liberal helpings of the Arctic ruminants. More than 100,000 caribou migrate through the village’s territory every year, feeding on lichen and food […]

Biocultural Education: Connecting Nature and Culture

As a schoolboy on the Tsawout reservation, home to one of four bands of the Saanich tribe of British Columbia, Dave Underwood learned bits and pieces of his native language, SENĆOŦEN. But it wasn’t until after high school, when he took some night classes in the tongue, that he realized the importance of learning a […]