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Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: from Recognition to Rule of Law

In Arctic Village, Alaska, the Gwich’in people—otherwise known as the “Caribou People”—are watching their namesake struggle to survive. For generations, the people here have filled their diet with sustainably harvested wild foods, including liberal helpings of the Arctic ruminants. More than 100,000 caribou migrate through the village’s territory every year, feeding on lichen and food […]

Indigenous Voices on Climate Change Reach U.S. Capital

Living closer to the land than people in so-called developed societies, Indigenous peoples and local communities feel the effects of climate change more deeply. Yet, their voices and sophisticated knowledge systems have not been given much respect in the global dialogue on climate change. Now, their messages are being projected loud and clear, a stone’s […]

Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

What is it?
Indigenous peoples and local communities have historically participated very little in the global dialogue around the causes and consequences of climate change and in the formulation of strategies to address them. Many of these communities, however, are ‘expert witnesses’ with regard to the impacts of climate change, and their knowledge of biological and […]

Indigenous Leaders Spotlight: Meet Fawn Sharp

“Oftentimes, I think about my journey and my responsibility to the 3,000 people of the Quinault Nation…Holding public office means you have a sacred responsibility to honor the ones who spent their lifetimes and tremendous energy and resources to advance a nation.”

– Fawn Sharp, Public Servant and Fierce Indigenous Rights Advocate
Fawn Sharp is one of […]

Indigenous Leaders Spotlight: Meet Andrea Ixchíu

“I would like us to start honoring the lives of people who are taking care of our land all while experiencing the effects of climate change and facing violence from governments [like Guatemala’s] and the extractive industries that are causing the climate crisis and perpetuating colonialist behaviors in our lands and territories.”

– Andrea Ixchíu, Storyteller […]