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Enset: The Miracle Crop of Ethiopia

Enset, the Ethiopian or False Banana, is a locally domesticated staple food crop that grows in the moist highlands and rift valley escarpments of southwestern Ethiopia. Enset plays a core role in the food security of more than 15 million Ethiopians and given its high productivity and ability to stabilize and enhance vulnerable soils, many researchers say there is great potential for expanding use of the crop. The starchy stem of the plant is consumed but the entire plant is used for everything from roofing to packaging to cultural ceremony, and it grows well intercropped with important cash crops like coffee. Historically overlooked by international agronomists and the development community, enset is now being prioritized by a consortium of local researchers, NGOs and agricultural development agencies in the region. Dr. Tadesse Kippie, one of the major experts and champions of the crop, is featured in this video.

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