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Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty

The Christensen Fund’s interest in the stewardship and ongoing creation of biocultural diversity inevitably brings us into partnership with the world’s indigenous farmers: the descendents of the original domesticators of food crops, the ones still most active in moving genes between wild and domesticated varieties, and those selecting seeds for all kinds of delicious purposes. Food sovereignty is central to their struggles to achieve well-being and pursue a development path in tune with their values, cultures and territories. Facilitating ways in which indigenous farmers can engage on their own terms in the crucial international scientific and policy debates about the future of agrobiodiversity and foodways is an important way to safeguard the capacity for genetic, cultural and culinary adaptation in the Anthropocene.

The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty is thus an effort to create a space for stewards from around the world to know one an- other and set their own agenda as indigenous peoples on how to address the range of threats and opportunities facing them today.

On this basis, they may find common ground with each other and with others who care passionately about the issues of agrobiodiversity and food, so that effective strategies can be devised for global changes that will be meaningful at the community level.

Ken Wilson, Ph.D.
Executive Director of The Christensen Fund

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